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Unaka-available on Amazon as of August 1, 2022

Holston-available August 1, 2024

Excerpt from Unaka

At some point he had a vision of being alone in the Marathon Station with the East India woman.  They were both standing in front of the cash register.  She was pressed up against him.  He could feel the supple curves of her figure with his body.  He reached down and put his arms around her and she gently patted his stomach with  her left hand.  He didn't have the presence of mind to kiss the woman.  He just stood there holding her.

Excerpt from 

It had been three weeks since Trudy had her talk with Sam at Zack's Chicken.  She had not seen Arthur in the interim.  Three Saturday nights had passed without his visit.

"I think you scared your man off," Elena said over the phone.


"I don't know Elena, I was just trying to help," Trudy replied.


"Men don't want that kind of help, honey," came over the phone.


"Maybe I ought to call and see how he is feeling.  What do you think?"  the smoothie clerk asked.


"You think he might have found some other girl?" Elena asked.

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