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 Unaka was awarded first place in general fiction and winner overall in the Great Southeast Region Book Festival in March of 2024.

Excerpt from Unaka

The older gentleman watched Elena with interest.  He wanted to go over and talk to her, but he could not tell if she wanted company.  She looked aside at him and then glanced back at her food.  There was no emotion on her face inviting him into her world. He mused about her.  He thought she looked unhappy. He could not have  known that she worked down the street for a Mexican couple at their family Latino grocery store.


"The gold ring on my finger might get into my way," he thought, even though he had no intention of pursuing romance with the woman in the corner-Elena with the turquoise hair.  He walked slowly toward her, trying to catch her eye.


She  made a hasty exit for the door. Seeing that this older man showed an interest in her.


"What is his angle? They all have an angle," she thought as she walked to her sedan.

Excerpt from 

I       available                08/01/2024

Gwyneth sat down on the couch and shook off her two sandals.  Then she began to paint her little toenails bright red as she propped her shapely legs onto the seat of a wicker chair.


"If I were a man sittin here, there wouldn't be much that I couldn't see," the forty-one year old woman reflected.  "How are things at work, honey?" Elena asked.  "Is Arthur treating you okay?" she continued.


"Oh, he is great," Gwyneth said with emphasis.  "Some of the boy employees don't know a shameless tart when she sashays herself around," the nineteen year old offered.


"What do you mean?" her room mate blurted out.


"It's that Janice, Elena.  She has Danny, Joe and Phillip doing all her work," Gwyneth said.  "The hussy says jump and the men all jump," she said. "I am gonna give this Janice sum competition," she concluded.


Gwyneth stood up from the couch once her toenails were painted and walked over to the mirror on legs in the corner of the room.  She intently looked at her face in the mirror and began smoothing her mis-shapen hair around.


                                Work in Progress

                             Excerpt from Watauga

"Okay, but don't skimp on the brown gravy," Andrew requested.

He took an empty paper cup to the drink machine and filled it with Mountain Dew drink.  Walking back to the counter, he saw his order in a white and red box sitting on top of the front counter.  He picked up the box of chicken and walked to the back and sat down at a small table.

"It's good, but greasy," he thought to himself.  "Well, if it was healthy, what fun would this be?" he reflected

An attractive, forty to fifty year old woman eyed him from the back of the store.

"Either she is divorced, or really doesn't give a damn," Andrew reflected as he glanced over at her.

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