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Holston-literary fiction in progress.

Excerpt from Unaka

With time, the older gentleman left alone for the remainder of his days, came to terms with his fate.  Mabel and Cynthia were his lifeline, connecting him to a world of caring and compassion.  Friends did all they could, within their limitations, for Sammy and Julie.  In some sense, he was at peace now.  But he knew that what he had lost with Sylvie could never be replaced.

Excerpt from 

Ephaim lay awake on the couch. It was dark in the livingroom and the sky was dark outside the livingroom windows.  He looked at the clock.  The hour hand was in the six o'clock position.  Suddenly, he felt disoriented:  "was it six in the morning or six at night?" he asked himself. 


"Maybe the shootings at Kroger were just a bad dream and the killings had never happened," he thought.

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Tennessee, USA

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Tree Shadows on Wall

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