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Unaka-available on Amazon as of August 1, 2022


Holston-available August 1, 2024

Excerpt from Unaka

Shakira then told her story.  "My father was born in Doha City and he was given this farm as a young man.  He has dedicated his life to the breeding of fine horses.  My mother joined him from Qatar, and I was born here in Lexington.  You see, young Jeremy, I do not require one of your famous "green cards."  My grandparents have never been to the United States but as I have said, they gave me the lovely Maud you have seen.  She is so beautiful, young doctor, isn't she?  My only brother, Shareef, was educated in London, but now resides here in Kentucky, in the same city as you and I," she said.


During the soliloquy, Jeremy studied the face of the speaker intently.  She had an olive complexion, dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes.  Her nose and facial features were finely chiseled and feminine.  There was something of the fierceness of the Arabian sun in her manner, but she was ultimately charming.  "Come with me," she insisted, and they proceeded toward the house.

Excerpt from 

Gwyneth sat down on the couch and shook off her two sandals.  Then she began to paint her little toenails bright red as she propped her shapely legs onto the seat of a wicker chair.


"If I were a man sittin here, there wouldn't be much that I couldn't see," the forty-one year old woman reflected.  "How are things at work, honey?" Elena asked.  "Is Arthur treating you okay?" she continued.


"Oh, he is great," Gwyneth said with emphasis.  "Some of the boy employees don't know a shameless tart when she sashays herself around," the nineteen year old offered.


"What do you mean?" her room mate blurted out.


"It's that Janice, Elena.  She has Danny, Joe and Phillip doing all her work," Gwyneth said.  "The hussy says jump and the men all jump," she said. "I am gonna give this Janice sum competition," she concluded.


Gwyneth stood up from the couch once her toenails were painted and walked over to the mirror on legs in the corner of the room.  She intently looked at her face in the mirror and began smoothing her mis-shapen hair around.

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