William M Kauffman

William M Kauffman is a fiction author.  He was raised on a farm in Western Kentucky where he is related to half of the population of that area.  He lives in Upper East Tennessee with his wife and daughter in the Appalachian foothills.


UNAKA is a volume of ten short fiction stories.    It is  now available in print and electronic formats through Amazon.  

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"EDITOR'S PICK- for outstanding literary quality"-Booklife-


"This incisive collection from Kauffman centers on the author's talent for capturing, in just a few lines, the sweep and grain of a life.  What binds UNAKA is Kauffman's almost reportorial decication to these people's experiences and circumstances."

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The Yellow Dog


Growing up on a 40 acre farm outside of Lone Oak, Kentucky I had several dogs.  The dog that stood out was "Leroy."  Leroy was a dirty brownish, yellow dog.  Rather that hunting with the packs of wild dogs in the back woods of the 40 acres, he stayed near the house. Leroy liked to bark furiously at the horses in the front field between the house and the barn.  But he would only get as close to the horses as I would  when I was in the field.  In other words,  he was lazy and something of a coward.

Tree Shadows on Wall

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